Direct to Garment

Direct to Garment (DTG) is a fantastic way to get a more complex and detailed design onto clothing without huge expense. There is no setup charge for DTG printing, whereas in Screen Printing you would need to pay for a screen to be setup per colour of your design.
Using DTG printing you can have as many colours as you like without this added expense.

This process needs to be done on ring spun cotton t-shirts and hoodies with high cotton counts, as this ensures the highest level of detail goes onto the garment. Ideal for images with high details or multi-colours. As with any printing, the better quality of your artwork the better print you will get.

We can use any of the following file types: EPS, Ai, PNG, JPEG etc, meaning less work is required at the start. As always however, we offer design support services to ensure you get the result you want. If you are unsure about your image, please send us a message and we can review your image with no commitment.

With prices between the lower cost Transfer Printing and the higher Embroidery costs, Direct to Garment can be a great way to get a highly detailed, full of colour item without the costs required for setting up Embroidery.


  • No Set Up Costs
  • Design Complexity
  • Multi-Colours


  • Smaller Choice of Garments
  • Higher Costs than Transfer

Lush Tip: If you opt for white garments, you will get a better costing. White is always cheaper!

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