Embroidery is often seen as the more luxurious type of clothing customisation. This is due to the long-lasting nature of embroidery, as the decoration can often outlast some garments.
This service provides high quality personalised garments that will stand out.

To be able to embroider your garments, your logo will need to be digitised to create a stitch file that the embroidery machine will use to stitch out your logo. If you do not already have one we can create one for you. This is a one off cost and once made can be used again in different orders.

We can then embroider this design onto a wide range of garments to create you great looking workwear.


  • Long Lasting
  • Impactful
  • Used on fleece and coated garments


  • Thread Colour Choice
  • Less Detail
  • Longer to Produce

Lush Tip: If you need the item to stand out and last for a long time, opt for embroidery!

For more information or if you would like a quote send us a message or email us at: info@lushgraphics.co.uk